Printable Prayer Journal e-Kit With Christian Stationery

The Prayer Journal
e-Kit With
Christian Stationery

This edition of this new, fresh e-book is referred to as an ‘e-kit’ because it is actually meant to be printed out, collated and then bound into a standard ‘print book’ form and then used daily by you and your family as part of, and to accentuate your family's devotional prayer life and 'walk with God'.

We understand the serious nature of intercessory prayer. Whenever someone asks you to pray for them, their situation and/or intention, they are literally asking you to come before the Creator of the universe and make a request. Now as a serious prayer intercessor, you need the right tools to do the job, as well as the correct methods to help make things easier and more organized for you to do your 'calling'. That's where the tools of OLIN'S new prayer journal 'e -Kit' comes in!

Read what 'Christianity Today International' stated in their weekly newsletter, dated September 06, 2006

"It's back to school time. But that means so much more than just "back to school," doesn't it? As the calendar quickly fills up with soccer practice, piano lessons, committee meetings, and ministry commitments, it's a reminder that every season of the year grows busy—especially for a family with conflicting schedules. It's hard enough to get the entire family in one place at the same time, let alone finding time to foster spiritual growth as a family. So in the midst of the hectic pace of life, what's a spiritually-starved family to do? Enter: a family spiritual journal." (emphasis added by us).

Now read the 'For The Record' article by Rachel Goodchild, in 'Today's Christian Woman' July/August newsletter a service of 'Christianity Today International Website'. To read the entire article click here. " I plan on sharing it (her prayer/spiritual journal) with my daughter as she grows, and starting our own journal. A family spiritual journal like Birdie's is a great way to record your journey as a family. Unlike conventional diaries that chronicle individual ups and downs, this kind of diary charts God's presence in your life together. It's where you can record prayers you've prayed as a family, meaningful insights you've uncovered, or answers you were given to situations you worried over. As your family rereads the lessons you record between its covers, you'll be encouraged to face each new adventure God places before you."(Emphasis again, added by us).

Are You Beginning To See Just How A Prayer Journal Could Enrich Your Family's Daily Walk With God As Well As Your Prayer Intercessions?

Here's Just Some Of The Printable Tools
Included In This PDF Prayer Journal
e-Kit With Christian Stationery

  • 3x5" Christian index cards
  • 4x6" Christian index cards
  • 3x5" Prayer time notification cards
  • 3x5" 'We will pray for you' index cards
  • 8.5x11" Full sized prayer stationery
  • 8.5x11" Full sized blank prayer journal sheets
  • Read the Bible in a year progress chart
  • 'I Prayed for you today' mini booklets
  • Full sized master journal covers
  • Binder spine inserts
  • Timed 'prayer of the day' sheet
  • 'Remember to pray for these people' reminder
  • Blank half-fold Christian greeting cards
  • Blank quarter-fold Christian greeting cards
  • Prayer intention cards
  • Full sized stationery note sheets
  • And much more...
    Thumbnails Of Just Some Of The Pages Included

    'Just A Manner Of Speech Or...'

    Before designing this product we did a lot of surveying and polling of various prayer groups, circles and cenacles, in order to come up with a product that would actually get used daily rather than collecting proverbial 'dust' on our customers' harddrive.

    After speaking with the various prayer groups it became very apparent, to us, that there was a genuine need for a formalized prayer journal along with stationary note cards and the like for the active praying Christian, whether they were on their own or in a prayer group. It is for these people that we worked day and night to come up with this new product. On the other hand, unfortunately, one of the saddest facts we uncovered was that, many times people tend to throw the word ‘prayer’ around without giving it a thought to the actual meaning and responsibility it carries. Some even told us that it was ' just a manner of speech' when we polled them!

    We didn't, however we would have loved to ask these same people if when they asked others to pray for them did they truly mean it or was it just a 'manner of speech'? We truly hope that this misunderstanding is not as wide spread as it sometimes seems. Hopefully with the tools of this project we can help to set the record straight. Prayer is a serious, powerful, universe changing tool for today's Christians. If they will only approach and treat it that way. So therfore, no 'prayer' is not and should not be, 'just a manner of speech' or a 'pleasantry' of politically correct conversation. Prayer requires action! Prayer is a verb not a noun, it is NOT something you just 'think' of for a fleeting moment and then expect real world changing results! If one just 'thought' how much they loved their spouse but never verbalized or never physically demonstrated their love, they wouldn't remain married for long!

    'Instructions For Various 'Print Binding Methods' Included'

    One of the things we are most proud of is that you don't have to be a expert 'scrapbooker' or 'crafting wizard' to use this product. We've approached the subject as though everyone was a beginner. In the OLIN tradition we go slowly step by step with detailed instructions along the way. Before long, you'll have your very own working prayer journal! Everything in this project can be printed out on any printer and on just about any type of plain paper. However, for a more professional look we will instruct you in the secrets of book binding and printing on special industry standard papers. So, it doesn't matter what type of budget you are on, this e-kit can and will bring you the type of results you are looking for. Whether you want to print out standard 3x5 index cards or 4x6 index cards, this project contains masters for both. Whether you want to create a family prayer journal or one just for your own personal use; We included materials for both. You need not worry about copyright violations or how many copies you can print out before paying more money, we give you complete contol for your own, or non-profit use.

    When we say we like to make things easy, we truly mean it. We understand how deflating' it can be to spend your hard earned money on something to only be let down by less than average quality. Once you see everything that is include in this zipped and compressed PDF file format, ninety-five plus (95+) full sized (8.5"x11") page e-kit (total size including all bonuses is almost 29 megabytes of information!), you will be more than elated.

    Just imagine the possibilities you could reap by using all the tools and bonuses of this package! Because this package is so full of useable tools, all with unlimited possiblities, one would naturally expect to pay a small fortune for it. However, we've purposely, priced this e-kit low enough for just about every family minded budget! There is nothing for you to lose and truly everything to gain!

    Order today and begin using your prayer tools within minutes with our 'Instant Delivery Download System'. Just look below at the incentives or bonuses we are throwing in to truly make this a incredible and exclusive value for you and your family.

    Included with EVERY order

    'Make A 'Print Booklet Out Of Your Printable e-Books by Drummond'-Zipped PDF file format.

    'Prayers For Peace'-Prayer e-Book-Zipped PDF file format.

    For personal and hand out use - Printable Tri-Fold Brochure- 'Find The Right Bible Passage'. Zipped PDF file format.

    OLIN'S brand new 'Super Power Pack of Christian Prayer for 2010'. This collection starts with, 'The Necessity of Prayer', 'Purpose in Prayer', and 'Power Through Prayer', e-books all by E.M. Bounds. This three pack is a unfailing wells for a lifetime of spiritual water-drawing. His wise counsel on prayer are words that originated on the anvil of experience. His thoughts are inspiring, dynamic, and forthright. Probably no one has ever written more convincingly on the subject of prayer than E.M. Bounds. This package on prayer will help today's earnest Christians to discover the mystery and the majesty of prayer. Next is, '15 Ways to Make Prayer a Natural Part Of Your Everyday Family Life' e-report by by Kim Butts. Then to finish this power pack we include 'Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer: Do you know how to pray in a way that will get real results' e-book by Roderick C. Meredith as well as 18 individual e-Reports on 'daily spiritual journaling' and why Christians should do so! This super power pack of prayer is an OLIN exclusive! All files are zipped PDF file format!

    Last but not least- 'Simple Prayers Colection- Prayers For You and the Kids' A complete Christian family mega-devotional package. We can sell this as a stand-alone product any day of the week, however we are including it in with every prayer journal e-kit order. Just click here (it will open in a new window) to see everything that comes with this MEGA-FREEBIE!

    All Bonuses as well as the prayer journal e-kit will come in zipped PDF file format so as to work on any computer under most any configurations. Both PC's and Mac's! Any zipping program will unzip all these files. You can download a free trial copy of Winzip if needed by clicking here. If you should need a PDF reader (most computers come with Adobe Acrobat reader already installed) you will find a free download here.

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    NOTE: Because we believe so strongly in this new journal e-kit and all it's bonuses, we truly feel that every Christian family should begin working with their own daily prayer journal immediately. Therefore if you would like to begin a prayer journal but are one of our special families (SILK-single income with lots of kids) needing assistance, please click here. (it will open in a new window) We have the resources and programs in place to assist, so don't let them go unused. We don't broadcast or share individual information with anyone. We want every Christian home to have our new prayer journal e-kit. Now you can also assist us in this mission by bring certain families in need of assistance to our attention. Simply use the form on the 'geap' page at the above link.Thank you and may God bless!

    For Those of You Who Still Find It Too Costly To Get A Big Fancy Indepth Prayer Journal At This Time, It's Okay! However, Please Still Consider Starting To Use A Prayer Journal and Start With These Blank Pages and Simple Journal Samples From OLIN Completely Free of Charge! When You're Ready For The Full Sized/Indepth Prayer Journal, Return Here To Purchase - God Bless & Click Here To Begin Download of Free Samples. Please do tell a friend about this special offer and this special free start-up journal and blank journal sample pages. Thank You!

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